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Report of CDP

3rd Face to Face training for RSPs

16th-19th July 2017


The capacity building of RSPs is an essential component of NMA. It is an ongoing process which started with the selection of RSPs under Capacity Development Program (CDP). Their capacity was built and then they started their micro interventions on Nutritional Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) in Haripur District. The process was started in the beginning of 2016 where CDP was announced and all the registered MAAN members were asked to apply for it. Out of 80 members 45 applied for the training and through a thorough process 25 were selected for CDP. Their first face to face (F2F) training was held in the beginning April 2016. It was a five days training in which RSPs were trained on different topics including sustainable agriculture, Nutrition and how to design small projects. Soon after the training the RSPs started their MIs in the field with the baseline in their respective villages. These MIs were for one year and during that year their capacity was built side by side. Various tools were used to build their capacity which were face to face trainings, webinars and virtual meetings etc. Three F2F were planned in the whole year. The second was held in Nov 2016. Six webinars were also held during that period on various topics.

Knowledge sharing, success stories in NSA

Knowledge sharing of Base line

Value Chain – PGS,

Value Chain - Post harvest, marketing, processing

MAAN platform use and facilitation

Sustainable Agriculture - with examples

Instead of one webinar a field visit was conducted in the field area and a RSP took session on silage and its importance in sustainable agriculture.

Another face to face training on advocacy skills and use of Urdu language on MAAN was also conducted in March 2016.

The last F2F was planned after the completion of MIs. Therefore after completion of endline in the field it was planned in July 2017.


3rd Face to Face training for RSPs:

On July 16th the 3rd F2F training was started in which 23 RSPs participated. It was a four days program which was facilitated by Konrad Hauptfleisch from IFOAM and organized by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (HSI) Pakistan. This was basically the progress sharing event rather than capacity development program.  On the first two days the RSPs shared their progress in the form of presentations. On the third day there was field visit.


On the day of excursion there was meeting with stakeholders at DC office in the morning. In the said officials Agriculture, Agriculture extension, Horticulture, Health and social welfare met with Konrad. They shared their experience with the project. They also ensured their full support after the project interventions. They insisted for project extension and upscaling o other areas of the district.

After the meeting there was visit to field area where several meetings were already arranged with communities. The trainer visited several areas and saw many interventions which were compost making and Kitchen gardening at Tilhala, Post-harvest Loss minimization and tunnel Farming at Beer village, Compost making for commercial use at Kachi village, Fruit Plantation at village Soha. The community was enthusiastic to share its experience particularly women folk. They showed compost making site and kitchen gardens to the guest. The farmers waited a long to show their progress after getting training and practicing post-harvest loss minimization at village Beer. The mango producing farmers were happy because now their post-harvest losses have decreased a lot and they are using the learnt techniques and using the tools given by the RSPs. At village Beer they informed Konrad that after tunnel farming technique they produced strawberry for the first time in the UC. The farmers at Kachi also shared their happiness after getting compost and using it in their agricultural field. They found it very useful. While fruit plantation in the agricultural field which was promoting multi cropping. The farmer were satisfied with it and found it useful and now they were waiting for the fruits which will ultimately cater their household nutritious needs.

Graduation Ceremony:

On 19th July 2017 RSPs were formally graduated and their efforts were acknowledged at the country level. This big day was celebrated in Islamabad where there were presentation of RSPs in the forms of exhibiting their products, presentation by NMA team and RSPs, book launching and certificate distribution.

The program was attended by number of people from various walks of life and from various areas too. The graduation ceremony was held at the plat form of SUN. SUN focal point and Chief Nutrition at Planning Commission of Pakistan Mr. Aslam Shaheen was the chief guest. Officials from SUN cell Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Director General Agriculture Extension KP, Deputy Mayor of Haripur District, Officials from Social Welfare Department, Agriculture Department, FAO, Australian High Commission,  World Food Program, Nutrition International, Official from Director General Health KP, District elected representative, media and many others attended the program.

During the program a book comprising the success stories of NMA was also launched by NMA and knowledge management department of HSI. The book has almost 13 stories of beneficiaries and RSPs on their successful interventions.

NMA Booklet.pdf

In the end DG agriculture extension Mr.Faseeh ur Rehman appreciated the project and talked about its upscaling in other 24 districts of KP. He asked HSI for technical support and capacity building.

Mr Babar Khan SUN focal point of KP also showed his interest to replicate some of the interventions in the upcoming Annual Development Plans (ADPs) of the government.

In the end RSPs displayed their stalls in the form of exhibition where they put all their products and printed material which was highly appreciated by the participants . many participants bought those products too.


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  1. To say, 'well done' to good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them ... well Done

  2. Wawo0o0o0o0 Lovely Wo0k and Efforts.....

  3. To say, 'well done' to good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them ... well done

  4. It was nice event and great learning opportunity for the participants. 

  5. I really appreciate all RSPs for their Hard work and Make possible this event


  6. Although capacity building program under NMA project was effective and successful, but RSPs still need to learn the global practices, modern techniques and technologies to promote the nutrition sensitive agriculture in Pakistan.

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