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Dear All Lets start discussion on upcoming global event of NMA launch to be held in Pakistan. Lets discuss the theme of the conference, what are the objectives and what we want to achieve, who will be the participants etc. What do you expect from Pakistan Team.

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  1. Dear Shazia Hina

    Thanks for starting the discussion. The conference shall benefit also RSPs. Would you be kind to share your current update on the number of RSPs? How active they are? When do you think we can announce the Capacity Building course? 

    At the same time we hear about active approach of SUN network to make global events (20-22 Oct, 2015 in Milan) and end of February in Nepal in 2016. Dear Muhammad Anwar Bhatti, are you already invited for the event in Nepal? We need here in the discussion some coordination with SUN movement in each country. Looking forward to fruitful discussion, Shaknoza

  2. Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva No,  I haven't got any invitation. If it is so then I have to make some preparation and adjust my plan accordingly. Sharing of agenda would add value to the whole program. It might possible that representatives from SUN, Pakistan also join the said global event.


    1. So far almost 25 people joined the page. I admit that they are not very active on the page because of (i think) a bit hesitation to use the new page secondly they dont know how to operate it. Now we are mobilising more potential RSPs to access the page. Hoping to see the increased number soon (smile)

  3. You are right dear Muhammad Anwar Bhatti, may be you can clarify with SUN representative in Pakistan? And for sure, it will be good chance for you to take part. 

  4. Sure Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva I will soon let you know about this. By the way; is this the first time for organizing such an event? If not, can we get the proceedings of such events and their recommendations;



  5. Thanks Muhammad Anwar Bhatti, ideally our NMA policy experts are closer to the SUN and can feed us with such information. Soma Rana from Nepal has shared with us about the event in Nepal. We will know more once we strengthen our collaboration with the SUN not only at national but also global levels. 

    Dear Shazia Hina, that is already good number and others will join from the actions of the current ones. I would suggest to make very interesting profile with a picture for each RSP and then it gets slowly attractive. By the way, did you see my other discussion forum on how to make our pages attractive? I called all RSPs to take the lead on that. 

  6. yes you are right Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva we should make this page more attractive so that other people could not resist to like it or access it. Thats why i requested time and again that urdu should be part of it. Now I am thinking how to make it more attractive so that people could not ignore it. But my discussion started to get some ideas about global launch so that we could start our preparations. Hoping to have nice ideas from other colleagues:)

  7. Dear Shazia Hina, regarding the conference and our strategy, i will place this topic on the agenda of the NMA Management Committee meeting scheduled on 23rd October and i will let you know the results in a meeting notes. 

  8. Dear MAAN platfrom of Pakistan


    Wish you all the best for the program to be organize. Lets us know the findings of the workshop that will be held in pakistan. 


  9. we appreciate this kind of working and feel proud to help/guide people. this world is in need of social workers. if may required any help here we will available for you.  

  10. Dear Muhammad Anwar Bhatti

    The First SUN Asia Region Conference (ARCON) on Nutrition will be convened in Kathmandu, Nepal on 23-25, February 2016. The overall goal of SUN ARCON is to reflect on progress for scaling up nutrition in countries and to share lesson learned on progress and achievements in strengthening the country capacity. The event will attract high level delegates including Civil Society and Government. A number of SUN country government focal points and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are likely to be attending ARCON with high-level commitments from their countries in Kathmandu. During the lead up to the events, and through participation in Conference, there will be opportunities to enhance interactions in close proximity.

    CSOs and Government SUN Focal Person Countries: 2 participants from each country - Vietnam, Srilanka, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan, Myanmar (total no. 16) and Nepal – Government representative, UN agencies I/NGOs, Civil society Alliance for Nutrition Nepal (CSANN) members will be participant in the conference. I think government and CSOs will be participate in the conference from your country too. We are already invited by CSANN so we will there in the conference. We are very much hopeful can put our agenda in the conference globally.

    Dear Shazia Hina, Thank you posting for discussion. We will discuss SUN movement in each country and our current status so far about RSP selection, micro - project initiation, project challenges and opportunities and other relevant things in the upcoming conference in Pakistan. Lets puts about national campaign for the discussion. Hope IFOAM will prepare the discussion agenda for the meeting. Wish you entire team all the best for upcoming conference preparation!! Best regards, Soma Rana 

    Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva;Alok Shrestha


    1. Very nice sharing


  11. Dear Soma Rana, thank you for sharing about ARCON, and very good to hear that HELVETAS Nepal is invited. From our side with regard to NMA Global Conference considering to combine it with ARCON event. Our colleagues from Nepal will give us feedback whether this is possible for organisers to jointly conduct some session with NMA. This will give opportunity for all our NMA partners to participate and benefit. At the same time, we will try to make the first RSP capacity building program in Nepal, for that Alok Shrestha our dear RSP facilitator in Nepal will give us information whether they are ready by February next year. Such opportunity will give a chance for all NMA team not only to meet each other but also get introduced how the Capacity building program takes place. I guess you think this is very ambitious and very tight deadline, we will do what we can and still hope for the best.

Pakistan PAK