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National Health Vision Pakistan 2016-2025

Vision Statement

To improve the health of all Pakistanis, particularly women and children, through universal access to affordable quality essential health services, and delivered through resilient and responsive health system, ready to attain Sustainable Development Goals and fulfill its other global health responsibilities.

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1. The 2011 devolution of health to the provinces has created challenges as well as opportunities for action. It is envisaged that the health benefits gained through the federal support can lead to more equitable health system coverage, au milieu de provincial priorities. The provincial health departments and the re-established Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination [MoNHSRC] are taking up their new found roles as provided for in the federal legislative list part I & II.

2. Political devolution within Pakistan provides a formidable opportunity for healthcare systems to address issues related to systems, planning health care delivery structures, programmes, and services. This assumes greater significance as the targets of health related MDGs were not completely achieved, and far more efforts are required to work towards the even more challenging targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3. A significant gap after July 2011 has been lack of a consensus national vision that reflects the shared aspirations for better health of the people of the country as a whole. A national vision document on health that is aligned with the country’s vision 20255, international health priorities and based on provincial realities, is thus needed, which lies within the framework of post 18th Amendment Constitutional roles/responsibilities.

4. The purpose of this document is to provide an overarching national vision and agreed upon common direction, harmonizing provincial, federal, inter-provincial and inter-sectoral efforts for achieving the desired health outcomes and to create an impact on health.

5. The word “national” depicts common political aspirations of the provincial and the federal governments. It has consonance with federal vision, provincial strategies, and international commitments.

6. Moving beyond the health sector, it builds convergence with important national programs and policy settings such as the Pakistan Vision 2025, Poverty Reduction Strategy, and pro poor social protection initiatives.

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