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Growing Mashroom at home

Mushrooms are delicious, nutritious and have medicinal Growing mushrooms at home is a task that any one in growing their own food should attempt. Mushrooms are a healthy addition to any diet, as they are low in calories and fat, high in fiber, and contain high amounts of potassium.[1] In addition, they are very easy to grow at home. Mushrooms are best grown indoors where the temperature and light conditions can be more readily managed.

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  1. Dear Zeb Gull, thank you for sharing with mushroom growing information, can you describe how do you grow it? Do you grow it already yourself? Which variety is easy to grow? Does it have market locally? 

  2. Mushrooms can be cultivated between October and March. Cultivation does not require land and can be grown in small houses and huts as a part-time activity. Mushroom cultivation does not require full time-labour, and all family members can look after different operations easily. There are two modes of propagation for a mushroom crop: open-air field cultivation and controlled cultivation

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