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It is very high time to introduce concept of organic kitchen gardening.

  • Kitchen gardening is not only a healthy activity rather it may contribute towards the national economy as well.
  • Vegetables occupy very important place in our daily life.
  • Nutrition specialists recommend 80 gms fruits and 300 gms vegetables per day as balance diet.
  • Whereas our country permit 120 gms of vegetable per day.
  • For kitchen gardening we can utilize free space even if it is less than 100 SQFT
  • We can do kitchen gardening in pots as well.
  • This is not a great science; usually we all know little bit about gardening

  • SCOPE 
  • To utilize the space of your home to get organic food and make the environment pleasant.
  • To make a source of food, hobby and pleasure for the people at home
  • To be a solution of deteriorating health for those who works and eat from it.
  • To be a great source of knowledge for our generation to come particularly the knowledge of environment and agriculture.
  • The provision of nutritional foods usually not available from the commercial farming.
  • A contribution towards the economic growth of the country.
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  1. Yes, organic kitchen gardening is also very much suitable in beer valley


  2. Janab I think Organic kitchen gardening is suitable every where......particularly in urban as well

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