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All tunnel farming related micro intervention should give their updates here at this page. This information consist of promotion of tunnel farming as a technique to protect the crops.

The expected outputs of these interventions are improved high value crops production to overcome malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, disseminated intervention in the farming communities and behavioural change to grow high value crop production

Following RSPs are the members of this cluster who will update their progress on micro interventions here regularly. The suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Javed Khan, Syed Abdul Majeed Shah

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  1. Tunnel farming is a technique used to grow off season crops including vegetables and flowers under artificially created atmosphere


  2. Fresh vegetables endow almost all of the nutritional principles does human body requires. The health benefits of vegetable nutrition are enormous. They are good source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and dietry fiber.

  3. Using these inexpensive low tunnels or "quick hoops," you can protect plants throughout winter for a fraction of the cost of building a greenhouse

  4. On Saturday,Jul 30, i had my first session with in village Beer,In my session round about 20 to 22 persons both male and female were there to attend my session.i told them about my project and gave them a brief summary about growing vegetables in low tunnels. Further more in my session i described them how to grow off season vegetables in low tunnels, what are there benefits, and how to take advantage of fulfilling nutrition necessities.more over in my session some people asked me about seeds for cultivation and i briefed them what type of seed should be used in their specific area and how to mange their crops during growth.

    it was nice meeting with people of beer as they were so interested in my topic as it was full of knowledge for them and they really appreciated my efforts.

  5. On Monday, Aug 1, i had my 2nd session in UC Beer,In my session round about 25 persons both male and female were there to attend my session.
    Like before i introduced myself and shared my project details with attendees,i told them about importance of nutrition in vegetables.
    More over i told them about vegetables which can be grown at their homes/gardens, and how vegetables are important for their health.
    Some people told me that before today we were unaware of this low tunnel technology. and they were really enthusiastic to grow vegetables in low tunnels.

  6. On August 8, i had my third session in beer union council regarding Low Tunnel Farming,

    First of all i presented about my program and also told about purpose of my visit, then I described about nutrition and told them how to manage their food and what should they eat, what actually is food and why it is so important, I also told them that junk and processed foods lack nutrients because cooking and processing destroys them.

    A balanced diet that includes all of the nutrients your body needs,educates it to know where to obtain those nutrients so it can crave the right food.I also trained them how to grow off season vegetables in low tunnels which can be done easily in home gardens.It was a nice and fruitful trip as people there were happy


    1. dear mujeed shah sahb i am highly great full to you that you have share some reports and activity picture too on MAAN page. keep it up and do your best 



  7. On August 10, i had my 4th session in soha regarding Low Tunnel Farming,

    In my session about 22 persons both male and female were there to attend my session, i described them how to grow off season vegetables in low tunnels, what are their benefits, and how to take advantage of fulfilling nutrition necessities. These inexpensive low tunnels also protect plants throughout winter. While using these techniques they can grow of season vegetables and fulfill their body needs and also economical factor.

    People there didn't know about these techniques and they really welcomed our efforts and also asked about seeds and  i briefed them what type of seed should be used in their specific area and how to mange their crops during growth



  8. On Aug 12 & 13 I had my two sessions 5th & 6th,

    In my sessions I described them how to improve dietary intake particularly in women & children, training participants were interested I useful knowledge and techniques for growing nutritious food within less space and limited resources.

    Main purpose of this visit was to educate people how to grow vegetables in coming season in low tunnels. A variety of vegetables will help to obtain basic nutrients.

  9. On Aug 16th & 17th I had my 7th & 8th awareness sessions regarding low tunnel farming in village SOHA.

    This was my 2nd session in SOHA as I had one before in SOHA. In this session new people were invited which have not attended session before, about 12 male and 10 female attendees were there.

    I introduced about myself and MAAN, what is MAAN’s objective and also purpose of my visit. I described them about nutrition, what is it’s importance in one’s life, people there were unaware of this phenomena and they said we just eat what is available, and then they were really interested in this. They said that we just grow wheat and corn in our lands as it is easy to cultivate and we do not grow vegetables as it needs so much efforts. Then I briefed them about low tunnel farming and it’s benefits, they were unaware of seeds and timings of cultivation then I briefed them how to build low tunnels and at what time vegetables should be cultivated what type of vegetables and how to manage production in open lands and within house.

    On the next day on 17th of Aug we started the 8th session.

    On the second day I requested to new people in my awareness session, round about 16 to 18 people both male and female were there. People asked so many questions about low tunnels and vegetables as they have heard a day before from the attendees of my last session. I tried to satisfied them at my best, They also said that they have a big problem of pigs as they came in the night and destroy their crops. Then I told them about benefits of low tunnels as vegetables cultivated under these tunnels are safe from pigs, I assured them for my full support and it was a fruitful trip as people left with a lot of knowledge.

  10. Dear Javed Khan and Syed Abdul Majeed Shah can you please tell us what is your plan will you provide them some seeds, how will they use this technnology to practice tunnel farming. In my last visit i met a community in Beer village where they were very motivated to grow vegetables through this method. So please share your results here

    1. Dear Miss Shazia,

      Thanks for having a glance over my cluster, as you have asked for the seeds, you know i am also working on awareness sessions right now, I have planned to give them nursery raised plants because they have not enough experience to grow at really start level.

      They will be able to use these plants in their low tunnels, as far as your visit and discussion with people of BEER concerned, i know they are really enthusiastic for this low tunnel technology, but I am educating them enough before starting so chances of loss in low tunnel farming would be less.

  11. Awareness session at village Hill


  12. Awareness session on off seasonal vegetables through low tunnel farming at village Beer.

  13. Awareness session at village kuttli.

  14. Javed Khan and Syed Abdul Majeed Shah can you tell me whether you demonstrate tunnel farming practically some where or are they just awareness sessions. I think yo should think of it and have some practical work.

    1. I agree with Shazia Hina, i also look forward to see demonstration of the low tunnel farming. if you start with one or two examples others shall be able to copy. we all believe that seeing is better than listening, so you will start doing further trainings after you have established a pilot, or what do you think Syed Abdul Majeed Shah and Javed Khan?

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  16. Interesting to read. Indeed fruits are a rich source of many nutrients and good you promote this. However a lot of truth and nonsense is said about nutrition, so do not let all the details in this article confuse you, one reads so many different kinds of advice what is good or not. It is really hard to do research on how food really digest in the body, so some of these ideas (e.g. how fruit is not well digested or impact of cold water) might not be based on real science, and more reflect ideas and experiences of a few people. The most important message for the people in your communities is to eat a balanced meal. And indeed Fruit are a rich source of many nutrients , 

  17. The first day of the F2F 2 was very good and informative too. the beginning session of the Ma'am shazia hina was very informative and give clarity regarding our next work. i hope the second day of the capacity building training will be same like today.   

  18. The Nature has provided diverse agro-climatic environment to Pakistan where every vegetable can grow successfully. Pakistan is producing more than 8 million tons of vegetables annually.almost all the vegetable are being produced in the province. But in the months of December, January and February, the province receives severe cold in the hilly areas. Under this situation the production of summer vegetables is not be possible in the province of k.p.k therefore these summer vegetable can be grown under protected environment known as vegetable forcing or off-season vegetable production. The Vegetable Research Institute has worked on this issue to overcome this problem by introducing the technique low Tunnel Technology” since 1985. This technology could be used mainly for three purposes i.e. for raising temperature, protection from wind and heavy rainfall. In Pakistan the low tunnel technology is used only for raising the temperature during very cold season.
    The purpose for growing off-season vegetables is firstly supplying summer season vegetables 30-45 days earlier than the vegetables grown under normal climatic conditions for the same vegetables and secondly the vegetables are grown under semi-optimum conditions of production exploring maximum production potential, ending up twice to thrice, the production and eventually net income returns. The environmental conditions provided in the tunnels are semi-controlled and the production of vegetables depends upon how efficiently they are controlled viz; temperature, humidity and sunlight.
    Off-season Vegetable farming in tunnels is gaining popularity because of low cost and easy usage as compared to sophisticated technology like Hydroponic, Aeroponics and Gel technology. Tunnels are covered with transparent plastic which do not hinder the harvest of sunlight necessary for the plants. The plastic sheet also plays barrier against the cool air in winter; raise the temperature in the tunnels during the day time and protection against the frost in severe cold. To reduce the high humidity and low temperature in the tunnel the plastic sheet can be intensified with perforated plastic sheet especially in walk-in tunnels which helps to maintain temperature not less than 5oC under our environment and reduction in humidity by checking the condensation which is not possible by plain plastic sheet. Yield potential of crops can be maximized by controlling the environmental conditions in tunnel.
    Vegetable Research Institute introduced low Tunnel Technology in Pakistan during the year 1985 and determined its production technology according to our local environmental conditions. This technology was introduced in the farming community but a poor response was received till last decade when it began to gain popularity in the farming community and adopted this technology on commercial scale.

  19. On 9th & 12th of December we have visited in Beer to select land for tunnel farming, many people have shown interest of Beer and Hill. and we have selected many points for tunnel farming in both villages.in this month we are providing them seeds and other things for cultivation

  20. On Dec 19, 20, 21 we have done training sessions in BEER, in which 8 to 9 female and 7 to 8 male attended our training, in this training we gave them tunnel faming guide book and showed them practically how tunnel is prepared and what type of vegetables are grown in these tunnels, also we trained them about early nursery raising and provided them material including iron rods and plastic etc. and now people are preparing their own tunnels in their land


  21. On Dec 20, 21, 22 we have done training sessions in hill, in which 10 to 12 female and 7 to 8 male attended our training, in this training we gave training tunnel faming and showed them practically how tunnel is prepared and what type of vegetables are grown in these tunnels, also and provided them material including iron rods and plastic etc.

  22. On 27th of Dec, I visited Beer and met each participant individually and helped them make low tunnels, both men and women participated whole-heartedly and many more people were interested in this, round about 12 tunnels were made with our help and then we provided rest of the equipment to remaining people and they made their tunnels by themselves in our supervision. I provided them small plants of cucumber, Capsicum (green pepper/ bell pepper) etc. and provided them seeds of peas(matar). After some days we will provide them small grown plants of tomato.

    People of Beer have big issues about pigs in those areas as they ruins their crops and that’s why some people cannot start with low tunnels while they want it.

  23. In my own field... tomato in high tunnel and cucumber&teenda in low tunnel. i am using organic fertilizer and soon i will arrange a visit to my farm for my trainees.

  24. On 28th of Dec, I visited hill and met each participant individually and helped them make low tunnels, both men and women participated


  25. On 06th of Feb, I visited Beer and met each participant individually and provide them seedlings

  26. In January we provided some materials to farmers for making low tunnels,and also helped some of them with preparation of low tunnels.

    In February we provided seedlings/small plants to farmers/participants, and also showed them how to plant them and take care of them

    In march i arranged visit of people and showed them low tunnels and also attended training about Urdu language and advocacy.

  27. Dear Syed Abdul Majeed Shah, how are you?

    Let me congratulate you on your successful story about your tunnel farming that can help provide farmers with fresh vegis in winter months.

    My name is Alisher Yuldashev, i am also like you are, one of rural service provider from Kyrgyzstan. I would like to invite you to join into a group where we could share with each other our experiences that we can learn and copy from each other in order to help and improve nutrtion and health condition of surrounding us people. 

    Hope you are interested to cooperate with us!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards, Alisher from Kyrgyzstan


    1. Thanks alot.I would like to be a part of your group

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