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  1. Dear Shaknoza,
    Yes our RSPs and we also submitted the abstracts for WMF. I think there are altogether 5 abstracts submitted. Thanks a lot for the concern.
    Best regards,

  2. 1 from Ishwor Malla about his MI

    1 from BB Hamal about his MI

    1 from Chetana Malla Shahi and Maharup Khatri about their MI

    1 from Ghanashyam Nagarkoti about snow harvesting tech and climate change

    2 from NMA national team; 1 about NSA strategies and change in dietary behaviour (based on MDD-W) and 1 from honey consumption and marketing

    So altogether 6. This time, we requested RSPs to submit it themselves and they did; however, Ishwor Malla submitted for Chetana Malla Shahi jee and Maharup Khatri jee.

  3. We have also submitted:

    1 united abstract from Mamasalieva Nasipa and Каныкей Мырзаева about MI on greenhouses, 1 from Alisher Yuldashev and 1 from Buajar Raimkulova BS about MIs on solar dryers; 1 from Mirlan Murzakulov about MI on chicken incubation; 1 from Bolot Joldoshov about milk goats MI; 1 from Altynbek Bekjanov about MI on the fishery. Altogether 7.