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Blog from June, 2017

Diversity is beauty

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Theme of May 27/2017 Food Festival

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May 27/2017 was a glorious day for all Ethiopian RSPs working on nutrition.

  • More than 600 participant engaged on the food festival held on may 27/2017 in Holeta, Ethiopia
  • Cultural dance and different arts presented
  • 2 women (from NMA project) told their success story for the participants
  • 4 schools, three village community representatives, associations presented their amazing presentation on diversified food, organic vegetable and seed
  • Higher officials from federal, regional, zonal and town level passed their message, direction, remarking speech and their input for the success of nutrition related projects
  • ISD and Lemi Gari presented about NMA project and related issues 
  • National and local medias documented the whole program. Oromia region television (OTV) transmitted the festival through the television by giving around 5 minute
  • Students, farmers specially women and other community members awareness on dietary diversification created
  • All stakeholders including higher officials took their role on promotion of dietary diversification and nutrition sensitive agriculture (during the discussion)
    Will back to you with the detail of the event
    Thank you ISD, RSPs, IFOAM, stakeholders, government higher officials,medias and those participated on the food festival.
    Endale Sahilu (RSP from Holeta Ethiopia)

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