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Nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA)  is an approach that seeks to maximize agriculture’s contribution to nutrition. This strategy stresses the multiple benefits derived from enjoying a variety of foods, recognizing the nutritional value of food for good nutrition, health and productivity, and the social significance of the food and agricultural sector for supporting rural livelihoods. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture also entails targeting poor households, promoting gender equity, and providing nutrition education so that household resources are used to improve household members’ nutrition, especially that of women and young children.

A training course is organised for trainers, activists, CSOs on NSA at Majhkhali, Ranikhet (Nearest train station is Kathgodam which is 3 hours by car from Majhkhali.). Course starts from 24 March at 9.30 AM, ends 5.30 PM on 26th March. Last date of registration 12th March.

Trainees need to pay their own cost for food and accommodation, which is 2100 INR approximately per person day.

Register by 12th March @ +919536334637/+919410740841, email  lokchetnamanch@gmail.com.

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