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The discussion is on the webinar available here. The webinar looks at the Organic 3.0 as a vision for a sustainable agricultural system. What do you think of the vision Organic 3.0? do you think it is a viable vision? what do we need to do to reach this vision?

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  1. Find the link to the video ''Why do we need to change our food system?'' from UNEP below


  2. Find the IFOAM - Organic International Organic 3.0 document here.

  3. To read the full report from UNCTAD on ''Trade and Environment' Review - 2013', please find the link here

  4. To read the the IASSTDs Global report on ''Agriculture at a Crossroads'', look at the link here.

  5. To find out more about Organic Food Systems. Look at the suggest website from the webinar here